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Borinquen Handmade was established in 2018, in  always sunny Puerto Rico, following the legacy of the owners mother, who also had a passion for soap making and creating. Genesis studied art for 8 years and does her best to incorporate everything she's learned into every piece she makes. Coming from humble origins she always takes her time to answer every message and question that comes her way, in an attempt to break-away with the competitive mindset and create an atmosphere where we are all kind to one another and help eachother out. 

Borinquen Handmade was also the winner of 'VI Premio Santander a la innovacion', where Genesis Rivera proposed an eco-friendly way to wash hair. Looking to completely replace the traditional plastic bottles we currently used and also promote the switch to solid shampoo and conditioner bars made by a local business. All proceeds won went into the creation of these hair care products. 

Creating is our passion, making you feel special is our mission

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