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by The Chief

     As most of you probably already know I like working with anything that I can do with my hands and apply my artistic talents to! So I’ve been working with resin and started making these little keychain babies! I absolutely love all of them, even though they take me far longer to make than my soaps!

      Resin Charms and Keychains are going to be a regular at our shop depending how well they sell out :) My main focus will be bath and body products, of course, in my spare time I make these. They can all be customized to your liking, just send me a message and I’ll gladly get to it, they do take a tad longer to ship out than my other products, but that’s only because these are made to order. A lot new things are coming to the shop next yeaR so make sure you tune in from time to time to check out what’s new with us! 

     If you have any questions regarding any orders or just for more information you can message us at info@borinquenhandmade.com or orders@borinquenhandmade.com 


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