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Confetti Soap Savers

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This little soap saver is packed with soap shavings, or as we soapers like to call it, soap confetti! The saver is made to be used as a sponge and hanged dry. After the soap shavings inside are done you can replace it with your favorite soap bar! If that soap happens to be mine, then I do recommend you cut it smaller before putting it into the soap saver, once hanged to dry the soap will last much longer! 


Ingredients: Aqua, cocos nucifera oil(coconut oil), elaeis guineensis oil (palm oil), olea europea oil (olive oil), persea gratissima oil(avocado oil), Brassica napus (Canola oil), Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil), Vitis Viniferas (Grapeseed) Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance Oil.

▪️Handmade in Puerto Rico▪️

▪️Hecho en Puerto Rico▪️