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Lemon Cleaning Dish Tablet

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This Block of Soap is designed for cleaning surfaces and dishes. Now we can all do our part in helping reduce waste and use an eco-friendlier way to wash and clean our appliances and dishes. This soap block can be used to wash countertops, menstrual pads, cloths, bathrooms, dishes and even stainless steel appliances. To do this grab your favorite cleaning cloth and lather your soap block with water while making small circles with your cloth, once your satisfied with the amount of product it's time to get cleaning! 

The way I like to use it is with a small dish cleaning brush (you can find one at your nearest convenience store), I take the brush part and make small circles on the soap and then I proceed to brush the product on my countertops or anything that needs cleaning. After it's all lathered up I then go in with a clean wet rag and remove the soap and dirt from the area I just cleaned.

Lemon Scented

Ingredients : Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, fragrance oil 

▪️Handmade in Puerto Rico▪️

▪️Hecho en Puerto Rico▪️