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Selections Of The Lion Turtle Soap

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The Avatar sequel series The Legend of Korra reveals that the ability of bending wasinitially bestowed upon humans during the era of Raava by lion turtles, ancient spiritual beings who had a connection to one specific element and were so large that they could carry an entire city on the back of their shells.

You've ever wanted to know which bending you'd receive if you were part of the ATLA Universe? What better way to know by the accent knowledge of soap? 

You will receive one randomly picked soap alongside a waterproof sticker of the bending you have been bestowed by the Lion Turtles. If you are chosen to merge with Raava (You the Avatar. Hangry!) You will receive ALL FOUR SOAPS. Only one Avatar will be chosen in this pack. Feeling lucky? 


Information of each soap is listed in their individual listings. 

▪️Handmade in Puerto Rico▪️

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